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Kopek’s debut album, White Collar Lies, was released on iTunes in June 2010, and a physical release on 18 January 2011. The album was met with high praise: “White Collar Lies by Kopek is genius through and through, and is an astonishing feat for a debut album. If Kopek’s musical talents and writing abilities continue to increase and mature in the direction in which they are currently pointed then they are poised to conquer the world. The single “Love is Dead” was featured in the film Saw 3D Kopek toured the United States for 6 months from January to July 2011 in support of their debut album, White Collar Lies. In 2012, they signed a European record deal for the release of White Collar Lies with “Love is Dead” as the album’s lead single.


September 5, 2017



Production, Recording